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A Life less ordinary season 1

September 2017 to January 2018

A Life Less Ordinary is a 5-star rated interview series with extraordinary individuals from the Asia Pacific region created by Udhara de Silva and former BBC executive Tanya Warnakulasuriya.

For the first 9 episodes of the show, Udhara and Tanya went to Sri Lanka and talked to innovators, creators, thought leaders, adventurers and misfits. They looked at the little steps, the ordinary things they did, to become who they are.

For listeners living in Sri Lanka, most of our guests will be familiar to you and you’ll hear things they’ve never shared before. For those of you tuning in from other countries, you’ll be able to relate to each one of our guests’ stories and come to see Sri Lanka as more than just a tropical paradise famous for its tea!


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A few of our 5-Star reviews on iTunes


"Just as promised the podcast highlights "the little steps, the ordinary things people do, to become extraordinary"...I found myself laughing to the awkward moments and also on edge as these two humble Sri Lankans elaborated on the difficulties they faced climbing Everest."


"As a Sri Lankan woman I never thought a Sri Lanka woman could be so brave to climb Mount Everest. What I learned from Jayanthi is that women can do anything if you are positive to take any challenge. We need more role models like her. I personally congratulate both climbers parents for bringing up such brave children. I hope I can get more hidden inspiring stories like this with upcoming episodes. I also congratulate Udhara and Tanya for sharing these people's stories with the world."


"I clicked play and then didn't want to stop listening to this podcast! It just gets you listening...then thinking!"


"Very insightful podcast! The interviewers let the interviews "breathe" giving their subjects the kind of comfortable environment that draws out spontaneous and personal detail. Tanya and Udhara show how much you can learn through these kinds of intimate interactions. I don't listen to podcasts much but the one has me hooked! I hope there's more to come."