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Jaffna Boy: Danu Innasithamby, Sri Lanka

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Colombo is a city with many personalities – you have personalities and then you have Personalities with a capital P. The first lot are people that everybody knows because Sri Lanka is a small island, and Colombo is somewhat of a tiny bubble within the small island. These people are related to this person or that, who know so-and-so, and who live in the most exclusive parts of the city. But then there are the second group of people. The people known for what they do and who they’ve become.

Danu Innasithamby is one of those people. A young media personality larger than life who flits effortlessly between radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. Originally from Jaffna, Danu moved to Colombo – by boat, bus, and bicycle – at a very young age to escape the ravages of war.


What we love about Danu is the relentless pursuit of his dreams. He started working at just 16 on two of Colombo’s most popular radio stations. Having conquered radio, he went on to host TV shows and has since built up a personal brand in English, Sinhala and Tamil. With a unbeatable work ethic, Danu wakes up at the crack of dawn to host a morning radio show on LiteFM, and then proceeds to fill his day with one of the most colorful and diverse work days in Sri Lanka: producing his web series ‘Jaffna Boy’, writing his newspaper column ‘Buzz With Danu’, and working on various stage, TV and film productions.

Selected Links

Danu’s Website: danu.lk
Facebook: facebook.com/DanuInnasithamby
Instagram: @danuinnasithamby

Danu’s original web series
Jaffna Boy
WTF by Danu

TV Show Cafe Colombo (Trailer)
Writing for Sri Lankan newspaper Daily Mirror

About Jaffna
About the LTTE

Sri Lankan singer Umaria and her cover of “Krishna”, the song Danu referenced in the episode.