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Anonymous Creator: The Sooriya Village, Sri Lanka

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This episode’s guest has a life deeply rooted in music. His grandfather was a pioneering Sri Lankan pop music entrepreneur. And today, at just 25 years old, our guest is turning the Sri Lankan music industry on its head through the creative haven he founded, The Sooriya Village. 

The Sooriya Village gives musicians and creatives a space to compose, record, and perform their work. All the while, the Village initiates international collaborations so that local musicians can get the global audience that they deserve.


During the recording of this episode, our guest revealed his preference to remain as anonymous as possible. He wants people to know his work, and not its creator. You’ll see through the course of our conversation that his inspiration comes from his love of creating, his love of music, and his desire to help others, and not the inevitable recognition and attention that his projects attract.

Selected Links

The Sooriya Village website

The Sooriya Village Facebook Page

Sooriya Records (includes audio links of Sinhala and Tamil pop, the genres pioneered by the founder of the Sooriya)

Royal College, Colombo

Berklee College of Music

Performance of ‘Dil Se Re’ (A. R . Rahman) at Symphony Hall, Berklee

Celebrate Sri Lanka Music Video

Sri Lankan Dance Academy of NY

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music
Kollu, the celebrity chef who curates the Sooriya Village Menu